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West Bay Club

There are places where every aspect of life comes together with ease… and inspiration. That’s when you know you’ve found something remarkable. A community-defining golf course that embraces nature as it intrigues players. A variety of residents and members representing a diversity of ages and backgrounds. A delightful range of personalities united by mutual respect, genuine caring and whole-hearted enthusiasm for this place. You’ve discovered your someday, wrapped in a secluded natural sanctuary that connects you to the ocean and protects you from the world at large. Where fairways, waterways and beach days are everydays. West Bay Days. With everything provided for you, all in one place, this is how, and where, the best elements of life all come together in perfect, natural harmony. Located in Southwest Florida with over 500 acres of nature preserve & wetlands, West Bay Club is a member-owned private golf club and community boasting an array of amenities including a beach club, dining, racquet sports, water sports and more. West Bay’s 18 hole course was designed by Pete & PB Dye and renovated by Fry-Straka in 2018. Like other great accomplishments, Pete and P.B. Dye’s design began as a profound vision: start by imagining the best possible placement for 18 individual holes across an idyllic stretch of Southwest Florida wetlands…and build a course from there, constrained only by nature herself. The father-and-son Dye team succeeded beyond expectation, creating a playing experience that is as much a walk with nature as it is a round of golf. You don’t play between houses here; you play between out-of-bounds sanctuary sections and the daily coming-and-going of wildlife, who provide a colorful commentary of cheeps, tweets and chirps after each shot.

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Country: United States
Florida, Estero
Phone: 239.444.2310