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Oneida Golf and Country Club

Amidst the hills, lowlands and meandering waters of historic Duck Creek rests Oneida Golf and Country Club in Wisconsin’s most picturesque regions where the power of nature and kinship meet. The time-honored tradition of recreation and camaraderie are upheld here because sport revitalizes the body and fellowship rejuvenates the soul. Recreation is quintessential to a fulfilling lifestyle. In addition to one of Northeastern Wisconsin’s finest golf courses, Oneida Golf and Country Club offers members a harbor of activity in our pool, cabana and seven lighted tennis courts. It is where adults can socialize, children can learn to swim, golf and play tennis and families can enjoy recreation in a relaxed yet invigorating atmosphere. Membership has been, since its inception, limited to 400, providing members a discreet, safe, secure environment with many luxuries for family and social gatherings. A casual air of elegance defines the clubhouse that meets the needs of modern life while retaining its traditional character and classic elegance that reflects the glory of the 1920s era in which it originated. Celebrate a special occasion, savor an endearing moment and enjoy the grandeur of the formal and informal dining rooms and comfortable lounge. An exquisite menu of fine cuisine, professional wait staff and master chefs add personal charm to the already exquisite restaurant atmosphere. These elements, added to the spectacular view of the golf course, create an unparalleled dining experience.

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Country: United States
Wisconsin, Green Bay
Phone: 920.498.6500
Amenities:Fitness CenterCaddie