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Kissing Tree Golf Club

Kissing Tree Golf Club is the first new, semi-private 18-hole golf course to be built in Texas in the past five years. Nationally-recognized golf course architect and local Texan, Gary Stephenson, designed the course, incorporating the natural character of the land’s footprint and the Hill Country backdrop to create a one-of-a-kind experience for golfers. The course serves as an extension of the natural landscape, blending grades on the edges, bringing the slopes and contours of the landscape into fairways. As good stewards of the environment, Kissing Tree Golf Club has already earned certification as a Signature Program facility with Audubon International. The Audubon Certification Program for Golf is an award-winning, environmental and conservation assistance program created to help golf courses protect the environment, including wildlife and habitat management, and adhere to comprehensive sustainable resource management principles. Kissing Tree is a distinctly Texan community built for those 55 and better. Set on the banks of the Hill Country, the planned 3,200-home community is conveniently located between Austin and San Antonio in the charming town of San Marcos. Custom-built with a Texas attitude, the unique collection of indoor and outdoor amenities was designed with legendary living in mind. The name Kissing Tree recalls Sam Houston’s gubernatorial speech in 1857 in front of a mighty oak tree in San Marcos, where he famously kissed several of the female attendees, creating a bit of a local legend.

Semi-Private Semi-Private
Country: United States
Texas, San Marcos
Phone: 512.749.1084