Marketing and Public Relations

A golf enthusiast today has many courses to choose from when deciding where to spend an afternoon or an entire vacation. A well-placed ad in a national magazine, an article in a hometown newspaper, a radio announcement, or a billboard seen while driving down the highway, just might make the difference in the choice. Honours helps affiliate courses create their own unique brand. We offer the experience needed to maximize exposure and help clubs become well-known in their own markets, as well as on a nationwide basis. In addition, we help affiliate clubs market in a more cost-efficient way by offering:

  • Marketing plan development 
  • National Golf Foundation’s Golfer Survey Program
  • Data collection, database management and customer origin analysis
  • Website development, email marketing and search engine optimization
  • Honours Golf Co-op Advertising Program
  • Public relations campaigns
  • Media planning and placement
  • Membership drives and referral programs